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    I love birth.  I love newborns.  I love pregnant mamas.  I love sitting with women, anticipating their needs, and sharing love and empathy.  I love the excitement and anticipation in a birthing space.  I love remembering the feeling of that warm, wet baby on your open chest and the relief and exhilaration that comes from finally bringing him here safely.  Touching his tiny fingers.  Whispering in his ear as he cries, and the tears coming down your partners cheek as they watch - soaking in this moment that has forever changed both of your lives.

    I love that time after time, birth never becomes less powerful.


    About me

    I turned this section over to my friends to write. 


    Not only am I a very uninteresting writer, but I also think I’m a pretty boring person.  Ha!  But, leave it to friends to make me sound way cooler than I actually am.  I’m pretty sure I am surrounded by the greatest people…


    “Christine is an instant friend.  She has such a warm and welcoming personality and instantly connects with people.  As soon as you meet her, you feel like you are one of her friends.  Her approach is kind and gentle.


    When she is behind the camera, she becomes something else…an observer.  She has the ability to blend in with what is happening and not be intrusive on intimate moments.   Her pictures aren’t just a snapshot, they are a window into the soul, and that’s something that makes her so good at what she does.  She brings a passion to her photography. 


    She is sweet, genuine with everyone, and dependable.  She is both trustworthy as a friend and business woman.  She looks for the best in people, and we can all feel that.  She is a loyal friend who doesn’t just say, she does.  She has a smile and uplifting word for each person she meets.  Her quiet strength influences all those around her.  She is supportive, kind, and can see the best in everyone.  Christine values people…their needs, wants, loves…it’s all important to her. 


    Christine is a mom who gets true enjoyment from being with her boys and husband.  Her family is above all the most important thing to her.”


    Specializing in birth photography, newborn photography, family photography, and senior photography in the Wenatchee Valley and surrounding areas. Christine Potter's work focuses on capturing real life emotions in a lifestyle approach.  

    "Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tell the truth." -margaret atwood

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    Call or text: 509-860-5760


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