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When I got my first DSLR camera in 2013 (the Nikon d3200 Costco special) I was on a mission to learn EVERYTHING I could.  I was going to teach myself.  And that I did.

I had never used a DSLR camera before.

I had no idea how to shoot in Manual.

I didn't know my standard 5.6 kit lens wouldn't give me that blurry look I wanted.

I didn't know what "Bokeh" meant.

So, Pinterest became my BFF.

At the time, I had two young boys who both took naps during the day.  Every day I would look forward to their nap time so I could engulf myself in learning.  I had no idea where to begin, so I read my owners manual front to back and then dove right into Pinterest heaven.  I knew I wanted to jump straight to learning "Manual Mode", and I think you should too. 

Here is a little crash course. 

There are three main things you need to learn and understand.  These three things make up the "Exposure Triangle".  Once you learn how each element works, you will be well on your way to shooting manual. 

I made a photo for each one with the basics, and also included some helpful links for each category to get you started!

My friends over at PhotographyTalk have some great information on the exposure triangle (as well as so much more!)  Here is a great article they wrote to help understand the exposure triangle.  Give it a look!

The Exposure Triangle Explained in Plain English




























1:  Aperture (f stop)

Understanding Aperture by The Daily Digi (Click Here)

Aperture Tutorial by It's Overflowing (Click Here)






2: Shutter Speed

Shutterspeed Tutorial by It's Overflowing (Click Here)






























3: ISO

ISO Tutorial by It's Overflowing (Click Here)





















So, there are the basic components that make up the exposure triangle. 


The next thing you need to understand is "Metering".  This is how you start putting all the pieces together.  I personally like my meter to be a notch or two to the right. 

Metering Tutorial by It's Overflowing (Click Here)

A few other helpful links:

31 Days to a Better Photo (Click Here)

Lots of Great Q&A's from Fly Through our Window (Click Here)


So!  How do you feel?  Completely confused, or ready to start practicing?

I am happy to help answer questions! 

Either leave a comment or fill out the contact form below to get in touch with me!  I can’t wait to chat!

xo, Christine

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